Press Release

18 July 2021

Sysflex Limited (Registered in the UK) are delighted to announce that we will now be working with Oomnis Limited (Registered in Hong Kong) with a view to assist with the distribution of it’s excellent range of Room Booking & Hot Desk Solutions within the UK market.

Oomnis has grown it’s FlexO product range across the APAC region and they are now continuing to expand across
UK & Europe.

At Sysflex, we were impressed by the intuitive software and great functionality of the products, not to mention the fantastic integration via the API and the level of compatibility with other 3rd party devices.

What is FlexO?

FlexO is a fully featured room booking system that is packed with functionality and features. Whilst there are many room display packages out there, Oomnis have really thought hard about the features potential clients really want to see in the software.

Through the web portal, you are able to amend and check bookings for meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, lockers and other room resources. In addition to this, the calendar can synchronise with Microsoft 365®, Google Workspace or Microsoft Exchange®, either in-the-cloud, or on-premise.

You are also able to see, at a glance, exactly how business resources are being used. Detailed analytics and full reporting is available within the system and the system has a flexible and extensive API which can be used for custom integrations. 

Meeting Screen

Room Booking

Room booking can be made from the panel and can utilise additional security via an access control/NFC card.

See at a glance room status via the stylish screen with integrated colour coded backlighting. 

You can even see the status of room facilities and book services such as refreshments, parking etc. 

Hot Desk Booking

The system includes a full hot desking software capability, and is compatible with a number of sensors and displays. These fantastic little displays can be mounted on desks or partitions and include the same colour coded system as the main booking screens. 

Oomnis Hot Desk Puck
booking sensor

Room Sensors

The system is compatible with a range of sensors that do not have screens also, they can detect automatically when a space is in use, but you can also book by flashing a card in front of the sensor (depending on model).


FlexO has a number of COVID 19 safety features. E-Mail alerts can be sent if the number of attendees exceeds room capacity. A social disatancing mode can ensure space between desks, and cleaning slots can also be booked between meetings. 

booking sensor
Green FlexO Screen
Amber FlexO Screen
Red FlexO Screen


If you are selling to clients in the UK that you think may benefit from the Oomnis FlexO system, speak with us today! / 0330 321 6284

Oomnis corporate website: